Grow Consultants represents decades of experience, not just in the cultivation of cannabis, but in every related business function; We are licensed cultivator, retailers and soon to be processor and exporters. We are agriculturists. We are researchers. We are cannabis business professionals who focus solely on building cannabis empires.

Why choose Grow Consultants

  • We at Grow Consultants possess an in-depth knowledge of every facet of the industry including cultivation, licensing, registration, GMP quality control, product development, manufacturing, administration, patient education, dispensary management and start-ups.

  • We will act as your trusted advisor on your home grow or fully operational business functions such as marketing, advertising, distribution and more. Because of the broad nature of our expertise, we can craft an optimal solution specifically for your cannabis venture.

  • We will lead both the conversation and conversion to profitable practices that are better for all. We will help the world realize the power and potential of the cannabis plant—changing entrenched ways of thinking, keeping irresponsible, destructive and myopic practices from taking hold and setting the standards to ensure we do right by the planet and its people, in addition to creating economic value.