We are Master Growers who have worked in nearly every environment you could image, from closet spaces, basements, tents, warehouse’s to fully automated commercial greenhouses, you name it.

Ancillary Services

Cannabis cultivation facility design is a part of the planning process that is worthy of deep consideration. Some marijuana cultivation operations have failed because of poorly considered layouts and workflow systems that are difficult to change once the site is set up.


Our cannabis cultivation designs are laid out with optimal process-based workflow, state of the art security, bio-security, and efficiency in mind. We guarantee maximum efficiency in designing layouts that convert all usable space into revenue producing machines.

Operational Management


There is no need to outsource your construction or equipment to grow room contractors. Continue to utilize our team to carefully execute your design and successfully bring it to life.

We use our extensive experience in the industry to manage and oversee all of your construction needs. From construction materials to facility equipment, we help you find and harness all of the best possible resources to build a long lasting, well-equipped site.


Your business is only as good as your product. We develop cultivation operations and procedures to ensure your grow operation consistently produces a high-quality product. If you plan to sell infused products, we also have experience with deploying manufacturing processes for these unique offerings.

Along with helping your business create superior products that your customers will love, we can continuously manage your cultivation operations to make sure they are running efficiently.


Based on our thorough understanding of regulated markets we help our client’s cultivation and maintain regulatory compliance. We work with our clients to establish standard operating procedures in accordance with their regulations and implement effective staff hiring with training practices to ensure that employees adhere to relevant guidelines.


A design can be drafted for you within 72 hours of our initial appraisal of the space you plan to use (or you can provide us dimensions if you prefer we not enter your space). We can recommend the most efficient, highest yielding options for your area based on our years of experience growing cannabis. Hydroponics, Organic Soil, Vertical Growing, the choice is yours. We can work with any reasonably sized space- from warehouses down to closet space.

Electrical, plumbing, and all hardware installations are done by certified professionals (from our staff of trusted contractors). Cleanliness, attention to detail, respect for your privacy, transparency, and professionalism are standard for anyone on our staff. Our craftsmanship is guaranteed.

Our experienced growers then provide a detailed plan to reap the largest and highest quality yields possible. Caretakers can also be provided to work the grow if you choose to contract out for labor.

Driven by Passion

We are united by our passion for this plant and its profound potential. Grow Consultants is committed to applying GMP methods grounded in industrial agriculture.