Our Design Services delivers a full deck of all the essential information for your future cannabis project. We are here to aid you in getting your project off the ground, we can do full architectural designs, equipment/automation specifications, and a detailed financial deck.

We offers complete facility design, construction management, and operations deployment services to help business and home owners build functional, sustainable operations sized to address the demand of your market. We keep your project timeline on schedule while making sure your facility is being built to the highest standards. And, of course, we facilitate a seamless transition from cannabis construction to cultivation.

Product quality is the foundation of Grow Consultants methodology for cannabis cultivation. Each component of the workflow has been refined to reduce labor and risk while driving quality.

Grow Consultants facilities are designed with optimal process-based workflow, state-of-the-art site security, bio-security and optimal layouts that convert all usable space into revenue producing machines. We take sustainability, long-term operational cost and growth opportunities into key considerations.

  • Cannabis Facility Design
  • Construction Management

  • Cannabis Cultivation Facility Equipment List

  • Cannabis Cultivation Facility Equipment Sourcing

  • Standard Operating Procedures: Cultivation SOPs Guide Facility Staffing Solutions

  • Medical Cannabis Licensing and Renewal Requirements

  • Waste Disposal Procedures

  • Record Keeping and Documentation Requirements

  • Security Requirements

  • Product Storage

Driven by Passion

We are united by our passion for this plant and its profound potential. Grow Consultants is committed to applying GMP methods grounded in industrial agriculture.